Tuesday, June 08, 2010

A Teaching Stint in Les Cayes

One of the reasons that we are in Haiti now is because John was asked to teach at a school for nurse practitioners. This is his second stint teaching at the school in Les Cayes. Yesterday, he lectured on pediatric appendicitis and shock. Today, we will go to a clinic run by the Missionaries of Charity, and John will give the students a clinical lesson with the pediatric patients.

The students are very motivated. They work full time and then come to class in the late afternoon. Yesterday, they had taken a pharmacology exam prior to John's class. They paid close attention during John's lecture and took lots of notes. It helps that John can teach in Haitian Creole.

The nursing classes are held at a business/technology school downtown, next to the new Coast Guard building that is being constructed. Here is the view from campus:

Yes, that is a cow grazing by the ocean. A new pier is also being constructed and many of our American friends hope that container ships will be able to dock and unload at Les Cayes. Many people have told us that they hope one of the responses to the earthquake is that governmental control and functions are decentralized from Port-au-Prince, making functioning throughout the rest of the country more effective and efficient. We will see.

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