Sunday, October 28, 2007

Mauricio Fantastico!

Little Mauricio had his surgery and is recovering well. He is a cute and tough, little baby who was able to come off the ventilator almost as soon as surgery was completed. This despite the fact that the echocardiogram done in St. Louis showed that Mauricio had an additional problem with his heart: he was missing the pulmonary valve in his heart.

The lack of this valve complicated the situation as it means that Mauricio will likely need follow up surgery. After many discussions (more on these discussions in the next post), the surgeon decided to construct a makeshift pulmonary valve. This type of valve isn’t as effective as an artificial valve or a valve from a cadaver or a pig, but it has the advantage of growing with Mauricio’s heart, unlike the other valves mentioned. So, Mauricio may not need his follow up surgery as quickly as he would.

Mauricio currently has some fluid around his heart, but that is not particularly abnormal, and he is taking ibuprofen to get rid of it. He has another doctor’s appointment on November 6. He may be cleared to return to Haiti after this appointment.

We have been privileged to host Mauricio and his mother for a day in Peoria. They are delightful and appreciative guests. Both my mom and John’s mom commented on how alert and bright Mauricio seems. Though he will need to be followed as closely as possible in Haiti, he is already a healthier baby (his pulse is not 140 anymore and he is putting on weight) and we are happy that he is going to have a chance at life.