Monday, August 23, 2010

A Grateful Family

Poor people with heart problems in Haiti are in a lot of trouble. Most of the time, they die deaths that could be avoided with surgery that we in the United States take as our birthright if we need it. Once in awhile, though, a miracle occurs, and a patient is accepted for medical care in the United States or another country. I call it a miracle, and given the rarity of the situation, it is. But it takes a lot of hard work on the part of my husband John. Through his efforts, a man with a serious heart problem was accepted for medical care in Florida. As you can read from his nephew's letter below, Haitian people have a great capacity for gratitude and a beautiful manner of expressing it, even in another language.

Dear doctor,

May God Bless you and your family for longer! doctor me and all my family we're very happy that God sent you on our way just to help us with this great problem.Beleive me we haven't enough words to show you franckly our joys for that.In more ,say to you only "Thank you"it's too light.Cause you merit more.So,as we know God has eyes open on everything we do good or bad.Of there,we hope deeper of our heart he will reward you not only for today.But for all the rest of your life.And why not of generation in generation.

In fact doctor,as i said to you we had an appointment yesterday to the american consulate.thanks to the lord they gave to my uncle the visas for a short time,three months.then we are grateful toward jesus for that.Cause he's done the main thing for us.And then ,after all things you did also,i see it's not good to keep on calling you:dear doctor, dear doctor... it could be better to consider you as a member in our family.cause the job that you've just done for our family seems like the job of a cousin,a brother a father and so on.For all things, i decide to pray for you and write you every time i get chance to do it just to get informed about you.Of all my heart you're a good one. . .

Don't forget to let the other doctor to know how much we were so happy when he did accept to write the American consulate a kind of letter to help my uncle found the visas.We need to think your wife also doctor.Cause,we saw her determination to help us to succeed too.Please say "hi" to her for us.

Doctor,as a good one. stay like that,don't be changed.Cause God has a plan for you too.Beleive in that,there will be a day you will feel it.Yeah! you deserve that!!!!!!