Friday, April 12, 2013

Everyday Life

We are all of us, me included, caught up in our own lives. Most days are filled to the brim with jobs, chores, meetings, errands, chaffeuring kids, social commitments. So much of it seems essential. And then there's the non-essential stuff that takes up a lot of time--surfing the Internet, television, excessive social media, shopping, etc.

Normal, modern day, American life.

So what do you do when in the midst of this normal craziness, a voice drops in on your life and says, "Help me. I'm dying."

It's a voice from a poor country, filled with poor people in a world that is more poor than not. So many people are in this caller's shoes. Kind of makes it easy to ignore her voice.

Except in this case, you know the person. You've helped this person in the past.

Do you send her money? Tell her you'll pray for her? Try to help her from afar? Tell her that you're too busy. Ignore her?

Do you tell yourself you've helped before. There's only so much one person can do. You're so busy doing a lot of good stuff up here.

What do you do?

Stay tuned.