Sunday, February 09, 2014

Most Valuable Haitian Dads

Caleb with his father.

Katina with her father.

Against great--and impossible to decipher--odds, the fathers of two of our Haitian Hearts patients were granted visas to visit the United States. We are somewhat mystified that they received visas, given the onerous and bewildering application process. Neither of them come from well to do or even middle class families, which doesn't work in their favor. But however it happened, we are so happy it did.

Pastor Derestil, the father of Caleb, and Monsieur Antoine, Katina's father, are both hard-working, faith-filled men who have done a wonderful job caring for their families in challenging circumstances  and advocating for their children, who at one time, had serious health problems. We welcome them to the United States.