Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Good Communication

John has been working in Cite Soleil at the clinic run by the Daughters of Charity. He has also been inteviewing people on their experiences with cholera and reporting on what he finds at his blog with the Peoria Journal Star. He received an interesting comment about this post from someone called Hait8T. Here, in part is what they said:

"You should stop acting like there just misery in Haiti. . . the Canal has been abandoned for years. . . quit making things appear worst than they seem. . . there more gang violence in the US a million times more than in Haiti. . . The Haitian government plans to bulldoze it (Cite Soleil) completely, they haven't done it yet because of the housing situation which still remain complex in Haiti. . . you are getting your information from 2 females who are not educated who are illiterate and cut off from Haitian society and remain in one place."

The comment goes on. You can read it in full at the above link.

I thought John made a really good response to this comment.

"You are an anonymous, well-to-do Haitian. Sign your name and don't be afraid. I will meet you in Soleil. I can show you the pediatric clinic and Saint Catherine's Hospital and we can drink coffee and talk. And you can be part of the solution. Thanks, John."

The point is that no matter our perspectives, it will take everyone in Haiti working together--the government, the rich people, the NGOs, the poor people, the churches, the middle class--to build a better Haiti. We have to listen to each other, too.

Someone else thought John's comment was good also. Hait8T left a follow up comment:

"I am in tourism and by 2017 to help Haiti progress in its tourism in the town of AQUIN where we own land which will be developed. . . It's not about being judgmental about your work because you could have chosen not to get involved period but you did and I'm sure its appreciated by a lot of people in Cite Soleil where I personally would not go, not because I do not care about Haiti, but my family's plan is different. . . I thank you John either way, I am glad that you replied, and you have replied well, all I am saying is that although you are speaking the truth, but Haiti can be presented differently."