Thursday, January 21, 2010

More Survivors Amid the Death and Wreakage

We find out about people in Haiti in bits and pieces from various places. We were very worried about Haitian Hearts' patient Willy Fortune's mom, who lives in the hard-hit Canape Verte section of Port-au-Prince. We were also worried about our Canadian friend Karen Bultje, who lives in Haiti, helping disabled children and really anyone in need. She blogs about her experiences at Coram Deo.

For days after the earthquake, Karen's last post was dated January 11. But then--Eureka!--she began posting again, and when we sent her an e-mail, telling her how happy we were to read that she was alright, she responded saying that Willy Fortune's mom, pictured above, had been by, asking about us. Eureka again!

We often stay at the Visa Lodge, a hotel near the airport, when we are in Haiti. We hadn't heard anything about the hotel until we came across this article in the Boston Globe. Mr. Herve Denis, one of the owners of the hotel, survived the earthquake, but his mother did not. Gratitude mixed with mourning everywhere.


Mary Pringle said...

I enjoy reading about the strength of the Haitian people especially woman. I blog as well caring for children with special needs as a single mom is so rewarding yet hard work. I pray daily you are all working thorugh each day with the light of God. I grew up in Henry, Illinois outside Peoria. Graduated from Midstate college and moved to Florida in 1988.. Bless you all.

Tika said...

i will always keep you guys in my prayers! im 16 years old im from nashville tennessee, and seeing these things really hurts part of me but than again makes me stronger. dont give up on yourself because theres lots of people who will not give up on you. God is there with you he may not be there when you want him but, hes always there on time.