Friday, January 15, 2010

Good News!

Frandy and his family are alive! John received a phone call from Frandy this afternoon. The call broke up frequently, but John was able to learn that Frandy and his mother and brother are unharmed, though their home was destroyed and they are without food and water. Can you imagine losing as much as they have and considering yourself one of the lucky ones? Such is the magnitude of this disaster.

More good news: we have also learned that Chris and Hal Nungester who run H.I.S. Home for Children Orphanage are okay along with the children in their care. They are having generator problems but are grateful to be alive.

We have friends who will be arriving in Port-au-Prince tomorrow, and we hope to have more updates on the situation in Haiti, including the status of our friends and patients.


Anonymous said...

Thank God! I woke up this morning and your blog was the first thing I checked. My prayers and thoughts have been with Frandy and all the people of Haiti. Your blog is truly appreciated. God bless you, your husband and everyone helping Haiti. Lets hope Frandy and his family get help soon along with everyone else over there.

Anonymous said...

I too am fascinated by your blog. You are doing a great service to your readers. Please keep us updated as to the status of all your dear friends over there.