Sunday, January 31, 2010

Haitians Helping Haitians

As I mentioned on the Haitian Hearts website, we are going to provide earthquake relief by sending money directly to the people affected. The Western Union offices in Port-au-Prince reopened last week, and we finally were able to wire money to a number of our Haitian friends, all of whom lost their homes and are living on the street and, in one case, in a car. They have been very grateful and a few have thanked us via e-mail or phone call.

Jenny told us that she would use some of the money to help people who are worse off than she is, and we know that she will.

Katia writes: "hi dr john how r u maria and luk i call u to tell thank u. . . thank u very much dr God bless u and your family .i feel me bether only my head ake where the concrete fall in my head." Her English is better than my Kreyol.

Henri told me to, "Have a nice day." For the time being, Western Union is waiving their fee to send money to Haiti.

I borrowed the above picture from Dorothy Pearce an American woman who lives in Haiti and takes in sick babies. She posted it on Facebook. I thought it better shows what is going on in Haiti than the pictures of the looters.
Our little bit of money
That we don't really miss
Helps them a lot.

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