Friday, January 01, 2010

Medjina Has Arrived

Seven-year-old Medjina got her biggest present ever this Christmas: a trip to St. Louis where she will have surgery to fix her faulty heart valve.

On December 18, Medjina flew to the United States with her American friends and spent Christmas with them in Ohio. They then drove Medjina to St. Louis, where she will be staying with Jim and Jane Ebel, who have graciously hosted a number of Haitian Hearts patients. Medjina had her first appointment at St. Louis Children's Hospital on December 30.

John traveled to St. Louis to be with Medjina and Jane Ebel during the appointment. He was able to provide medical history on Medjina and also translate for her.

Because of her damaged heart valve and the consequent inefficiency, Medjina's heart has gotten huge. She easily becomes short of breath, a symptom that would worsen without the surgery she needs.

Medjina has a huge heart in another way, too. She has calmly come without family to a strange country that is much different from Haiti. John reported that as she sat on his lap when the nurse had to draw blood, she didn't so much as flinch when the needle entered her skin.
We are grateful to all who have made it possible for Medjina to be helped.

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