Monday, January 18, 2010

Alive! Alive Alive!

We are getting more good news on many of our Haitian Hearts friends and patients. Katie Cesar is alive! Suze LaPierre is alive! Marie Myrtha is alive! Jenny Guilliame is alive! It feels so good to type those sentences. We have also learned that the families of some of our Haitian friends in the United States are alive: Katina's family, Fastina's family, Viviane's family.

They are alive now, but their situations are difficult and in some cases desperate. Their needs now and in the future will be great. We are hopeful that the aid will soon make its way to them. We are also anxious to get money to our Haitian Hearts patients and will do so as soon as the Western Union offices in Port-au-Prince reopen.
Pictured above is Marie Myrtha


Sue Elgar said...

Any word on Mirterlande's family?

Maria Carroll said...

Hi Sue,

Miterlande's sister and mother are unharmed, though they lost everything.


Anonymous said...

Hi Maria,

Can you let us know how we can get money to Mirterlande's sister? I know her mother lives further out and am assuming that would prove more difficult. I'm hoping her sister can help with that when she is able. I think you still have our phone number, if you wouldn't mind calling me as soon as the logistics can be worked out. It's my understanding the Western Union sites are still down, but if you know someone who is going over that may be able to help, I'd be grateful for any assistance. Thank you so much.


Maria Carroll said...


Would you please send me your contact information at