Tuesday, June 02, 2009

A New Heart Patient

When John was in Haiti for three weeks in May, he worked, like he always does, at clinics and hospitals, seeing patients who have a host of problems. In the course of his work, he comes across children with heart abnormalities.
Modjina, pictured above, is seven years old. She has mitral regurgitation and is in heart failure. She recently had an echocardiogram in Port-au-Prince. Hopefully, during the first week of June, she will be examined by a team of doctors from Florida.
John gave her mother medicines for Modjina: enalapril (to lower her blood pressure), furosemide (to get rid of excess fluid), lanoxin (to strengthen the pumping power of her heart), and penicillin (to ensure that she doesn't get rheumatic fever, which could have caused her heart damage to begin with). These medicines will buy us some time, but she likely needs surgery.
So if anyone out there knows of any hospitals that might be willing to accept Modjina, please let me know with an e-mail.
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Delcee said...

Could this child be helped through the International Children's Heart Foundation? Here's their website: www.babyheart.org

Valerie said...

Has this child been repaired yet? If not, send me her info, Sutter may be able to do it.


Valerie Boesen