Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Frandy Has a Blog

Our friend in Haiti, Frandy, started a blog. It is an on-the-ground look at life in Haiti. Frandy can report with complete credibility what it is like to live in a poor country because that is what he is doing. He knows this territory well. Frandy has many hopes and dreams for his life and is working harder than we can imagine to make them come true.

Today, Frandy accompanied my husband John to the clinic in Cite Soleil where John works as a doctor. John was impressed with Frandy's logic and judgment as Frandy witnessed the ravages that poverty has on the health of children.

We are thankful for the contributions that Frandy makes to Haitian Hearts. Make sure to check out his blog.


Anonymous said...

Hi Maria

I notice that Frandy's camera was pilfered. Is there a way I could send him one and ensure he actually receives it? (I am in Canada btw) Please e-mail me at mjlatour (at) yahoo.com if there is any way I can get him posting his photos again.

Thank you for your writing and photos.

Anonymous said...

Thanks in advance!