Thursday, November 24, 2011


Above is my rugged husband John, who is spending Thanksgiving in Robillard, a small town in northern Haiti, not far from the country's second largest city, Cap Haitian. He is working at a Cholera Treatment Center and clinic run by the parish of Father Andre Sylvestre. Father Andre put out a plea for help earlier in the month, as the many people with cholera who were coming to his clinic were overwhelming his small staff of one doctor and two nurses. John responded to this call and flew to Haiti six days ago.
Thankfully, the cholera cases have at least temporarily decreased. However, there is still plenty of medical work to keep John busy, including a man with terrible machete wounds on his hands and a 90-year-old man with cholera. I know John is grateful to be able to practice medicine in Haiti and that the people he is serving are grateful to have him among them.
I am thankful for so many blessings. I will list a few of them here.
1. That I am married to such a wonderful, generous man whose life work is caring for those who have so little.
2. The sound of our son Luke singing in the morning as he dresses for the day.
3. Having two such great families--the Kings and the Carrolls--to celebrate Thanksgiving and life with.
4. Our parish, St. Mark, a beacon of love on the hilltop.
5. Being born in a time, place, situation, and family that allows me to however imperfectly contribute to God's plan.
Really, the things I am thankful for are infinite, like God Himself. I hope that wherever you find yourself, you have a gratitude-filled Thanksgiving.

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As a Haitian young man, i want to thank you for your service to the people of Haiti. May you and your family be repaid in health, wealth, and love. I read yours and your wife post,i m encourage by your humanity, my Mother and Father spent their lives helping others, unfortunately everything that they own and build was taken from them and from us.See our blog: Although i have the willingness to help i don't have the mean. That is why i thank you for doing what i think would be my responsability to do. Maybe one day until i will be ableto. Until then continue to do what you can for my people my haitian people.
Thank you.