Monday, January 17, 2011

California, Here We Are

After a smooth, four-hour flight from Chicago's Midway Airport, we landed in Sacramento at 11 am yesterday. We were met by the host family at the airport and are now happily ensconced at the Ronald McDonald House near the campus of the University of California-Davis School of Medicine. Tomorrow, Widnerlande will have a presurgical work up, including an echocardiogram, at Sutter Memorial Medical Center.

Little Miss Jean-Louis has been with us for almost five days and here is what I can tell you about her:

She has a very good appetite and loves eggs.

She likes to mimic us, especially Luke, and I calm him down by telling him this is how she will learn English.

She is a good colorer and stays neatly within the lines. She also did a very good job tracing and then writing the letters A and B.

She sleeps very well.

She took the midwestern cold and snow in stride.

She loves to play with dolls and demonstrates excellent fine motor skills.

She loves to laugh and sing and dance.

We will know more details about her medical situation tomorrow after she has her state of the art medical workup.

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