Tuesday, November 28, 2006

A Pictorial of Haitian Slums

I’ve posted pictures of some of the worst slums in the world: Cité Soleil, LaSaline, Warf Jeremie. They are all in Port-au-Prince and aren’t fit for rats and goats much less human beings. Yet, hundreds of thousands make their homes here.

John has been working in these slums over the past couple of weeks at a mobile clinic. He has been accompanying a priest who has decent relationships with gang members, which allows them to move through the slums somewhat safely. Besides the awful filth and poverty these people live in, they also have violence to contend with. The gangs control the slums. Occasionally, the UN makes shooting forays through the slums and the bullets fly indiscriminately, as one .

The people have sad and lovely faces. They shouldn't have to live like this.


Anonymous said...

I think you portayed the slums in a very moving way. My dad who does mission work in Haiti has told me of the extreme and crippling poverty these people face day to day.

Maria Carroll said...

Thanks for your nice words. It's hard to think of people living this way.


Anonymous said...

My daughter is in Haiti working with a family who has taken in orphaned childen. She was at a loss for words to describe the poverty and the needs of this country. May God bless you and your husband for the work you are doing.