Sunday, January 08, 2006

Surgery Scheduled:

Jackson Jean-Baptiste will have surgery on Tuesday, January 10. John talked with the doctor a couple of days ago, and five times this very skilled surgeon, who was chief resident of both general and cardiac surgery at The Brigham, Harvard Medical School, referred to Jackson’s surgery as high risk. His heart, lungs, and liver all must be able to handle the assault of surgery, the bypass machine, and the new St. Jude’s valve, which will replace his trashed and tight mitral valve. But all realize, especially Jackson, that there’s an even greater risk if he doesn’t have the surgery. “It is in God’s hands,” we frequently say.

We continue to be impressed by the care that both Emmanual and Jackson are receiving. One of the nurses at the hospital wants to take Emmanual home. He will be leaving the hospital to stay with a wonderful host family, who were trained in n-g tube feedings this morning. Emmanual has had a couple of blood transfusions. His hemoglobin has doubled and he has put on a half a pound since he’s been in the hospital. He complains now when we take away his pretzel stick and his skin is much darker. These are both good signs. He will probably have surgery in about a month. Everyone comments on Emmanual’s eyes. The infectious diseases doctor said, “When you look in Emmanual’s eyes, you see all of humanity.”

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