Saturday, December 24, 2005

A Wild and Wacky Xmas Eve

The internet is down at our place so I'm typing these words from a cyber cafe on Big Delmas. Delmas is one of the main thoroughfares in PAP and normally quite crowded but nothing like I've seen today: cars on the sidewalks and people in the streets. We squish our way up stream. Once in awhile I make eye contact with someone stopped in traffic and, with a smile a moment of intimacy is established. The service here is slow and the power has already gone out once. It doesn't take long to get spoiled.

So much to report from the last couple days, including contacts with Dr. Paul Farmer, who does great work down here and with the poor in Peru, Russia, and Rwanda. He takes seriously the statement from one of his heroes that physicians should be attorneys for the poor.

Will hope the service is up and running later today or tomorrow. If it's not, I hope all reading these words have a most blessed and Merry Christmas.

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