Friday, December 02, 2005

Jackson Update: He's Improving!

Jackson passed the night with us. I awoke to hear him using the bathroom, which was truly an uplifting sound. Go kidneys! Go! The diuretics were reaching these important organs, and they were doing their job, expelling some of Jackson's unwanted fluid. John also explained to me in technical medical language I don't fully understand how lasix gets rid of fluid in the lungs, even when it doesn't leave the body.

The good news is that today, Jackson's physical exam was much better. John could get a blood pressure on him--in the 90s, which is what it has been in the past. Yesterday, he could get no pressure. His lungs are clear, he has a little appetite, and it's easier for him to move around. He had some crackers and trail mix this morning. I don't think he slept too much last night, but at least he could lie down. His mom and sister came to visit this morning and they will return on Sunday, so Jackson will be hanging with us for at least a couple more days. Keep him in your prayers.

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