Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Just Like Here

John has returned from his trip to Haiti. As usual, he found some new heart patients, a couple of whom I've written about. We've had contact from someone who is interested in helping us find hospitals--always the biggest challenge--for a couple of new patients. I will keep you posted on the progress.

On this trip, John examined 3-year-old Lydia, pictured above with her mother, who has Down Syndrome, Unfortunately, she also has some of the congenital heart problems, that can accompany this syndrome. In Lydia's case, she has AV canal, a defect where the walls between the heart's chambers didn't form properly. She was referred to us by a pastor in Missouri who had met the little girl and her family on a recent trip. The little girl and her mom and dad made the three-hour trek to Port-au-Prince from their home in Gonaives to see John.
Please keep Lydia and her family in your prayers.


Valerie said...

Sutter has an anxious and enthusiastic new PCV surgeon, send them on!

Maria Carroll said...


The echoes are coming to you this week. Thanks so much for your support!