Thursday, April 02, 2009

Ronald is USA Bound!

Whew and Finally! Ronald received his Haitian passport and then after a few tense days, a U.S. visa, so he can come to the States for heart surgery.

Ronald is in the process of being adopted by an American family and because that paperwork is pending, the U.S. consulate in Haiti was initally dragging their feet on granting a visa. But then they saw the light (i.e. there might not be any boy to adopt if he didn't have heart surgery and soon) and issued him the visa. His American advocate in Haiti, his host and adoptive family in New York, Dr. John Carroll of Haitian Hearts, and other interested people worked hard to get Ronald accepted at a hospital and then to secure all the necessary approvals. Thanks to all!

We are very happy! Ronald should be in the good, old US of A sometime this week. We will have updates on his situation.

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