Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Welcome Jhiny & Cristelle

Haitian Hearts ended the year by bringing two more children to the United States for heart surgery. In December, John and my dad flew to Port-au-Prince. It was a quick trip—four days. Escorting 13-year-old Jhiny and 4-year-old Cristelle to St. Louis was the main mission of the trip.

St. Louis was our most valuable city in 2007, as we brought three patients there this year. Jhiny and Cristelle will receive their medical care from Cardinal Glennon Children’s Medical Center.

Jhiny has an ASD, an opening between the upper chambers of the heart. She will need open-heart surgery to fix this defect. Cristelle has a PDA, a defect which hopefully will be able to be repaired in the cath lab.

Both girls are staying with a wonderful host family, Jim and Jane Ebel, who also cared for Mauricio earlier in the year. Jane reports that Jhiny is a big help around the house and Cristelle gets more comfortable each day.

The girls have had new echocardiograms performed by Cardinal Glennon. They should be on the surgery schedule soon.
My dad with Jhiny and Cristelle at the airport in Port-au-Prince as they prepare to board the plane.


Frandy Dejean said...

May God bless them and i hope with Jesus Christ their operations are going to be alright.
Thank you Ebel family.

Anonymous said...

Hello Mrs. Carrol. I found Dying in Haiti today and had to explore further. I've enjoyed your blog, especially posts like catching up when you talk about adopting your son. I find your stories sad but also inspirational, and you have no idea how badly I've been needing that. Thanks for writing.

Paula in Atlanta GA

Maria Carroll said...

Frandy and Paula,

Thanks for your comments.

Paula, I'm glad you find the stories inspirational. I know they are sad, but I would never want to leave people with the impression that Haiti is beyond hope. It is a country with people who are exploding with hope, talent, and energy, if only the right outlet/structure could be built. I am confident that this can happen. Thanks for your thoughts and prayers for Haiti.


Frandy Dejean said...

Dr John is a man who sent on the earth just to accomplish a mission for God.He also participates in Education efforts in Haiti.

He knows pretty well how to advise people in Haiti.He's a famous doctor and an attorney for the poor.All my congartulations go to everyone who contributes in medical cares in Haiti, especially Maria and Dr John Carroll and also Dr James and Jane Ebel who always provide shelter to Haitians in St Louis, Mo.

I am so grateful to thanks them for everything.He's been helping me since 2001, he took me to St Louis, MO for my heart surgery, but fortunately God has healed me.I did not need operation, that was a grace from the Son of the Lord, my father ''JESUS-CHRIST''.

HE has sent Dr John to help me with my case, i was verry sick and he knew my situation.He treated my case with the best care that he could.Thank you Dr John.God bless you and your family.

Dejean Frandy

Frandy Dejean said...

I was very excited to meet your father here.God did everything for those two girls.I like to read the stuffs that you posted on this web site.I think Haiti needs prayers and aid from everbody.I really like to read the part that talks about Dr John as an attorney for the poor.He always comes to help poor people here, like he did for me.

Dejean Frandy