Monday, February 13, 2006

An Ode to Apostolic Christians:

This is another long overdue post. . . One of the reasons that Haitian Hearts has been able to succeed the way it has is because of a community of people affectionately known as the AC’s, or Apostolic Christians. They have supported Haitian children through taking them into their homes, holding fundraisers, visiting them and financially supporting them in Haiti, and helping in a myriad of ways.

The majority of the host families in Illinois have been Apostolic Christian. Emmanual is being cared for by two, loving Apostolic Christian families in the Cleveland area. They have held spaghetti suppers, bake sales, built a house, and helped put on an auction to benefit Haitian Hearts. Anne Wagenbach, served at the coordinator of Haitian Hearts for many years, doing a bang up job of finding host families, helping with medicines, and taking care of a million other details that can make or break a program. More recently, the Apostolic Christian community helped lay Jackson to rest. All their help is given in the most cheerful, gracious manner possible. Often they act like you are doing them the favor for asking them to help.

I have been to a few Apostolic Christian weddings. I think their beliefs are similar to those of mainstream Christian denominations. What I am most impressed with, though, is how they put their faith into action. The fancy word for this is orthopraxy, or right practice. You can tell AC’s are Christian by their actions both in and out of church, as evidenced by their love and care of visiting Haitian children. Their community is an inspiration to me and I know John too. Besides all of this, they all sing well—a capella, no less—are gourmet cooks—I’d like to be hosted in their homes—and are incredibly industrious. I’m currently reading a book about Benjamin Franklin, and although he wasn’t Apostolic Christian, a lot about him from his showing his belief and love for God by helping his fellow man, to his stress on moral virtures, to the amazing amount of stuff he got done in his life reminds me of the AC’s.

Haitian Hearts would not be nearly as successful without the contribution of Apostolic Christians. We are humbled and inspired by them.

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