Thursday, June 25, 2009

Out of Balance

Michael Jackson hasn't even been dead for eight hours, and I'm already weary of the coverage. I know his death needs to be acknowledged but the time that is being spent on it seems all out of proportion to what is important. This is a blindingly obvious observation and yet the situation of our out-of-whack priorities persists.

I wish we could hear more about children like Love, pictured above. Love, as you can see, was a beautiful child, and, yes, my use of the past tense means that she has died, probably from infection. You can read more about Love's short, sad life here at John's blog.

I would really like for us to hear more about Love, and the millions--billions?--of children like her, before malnutrition and disease take them away. And I think, Michael Jackson, from his current perspective, would agree. Why isn't saving these precious children the world's number one priority?


Rachel Denning said...

An excellent point.

My family is living in the Dominican Republic, and starting some literacy programs here. I've thought about going to Haiti to do work as well, but I've always been told it's too dangerous (we have four small children). What is your opinion? Would it be possible for us to live there? My biggest concern would be internet, because we work from the internet. Other than that, we are flexible, meaning we don't have to live like we're in the States, we're able to accommodate ourselves to the conditions of the country.

I would appreciate your feedback and insights.

Maria Carroll said...


Thanks for your comment. I will respond to your questions with a post in the upcoming weeks.